Our Mission

Our mission statement at Three Rivers Grace Church is built on three key concepts: Worship, Word, and Witness.

: to delight in the beauty of God’s greatness
Word: to proclaim the truth of God’s Word
Witness: to ignite a joyful passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ among all the peoples of Pittsburgh and the world.

Our Values

As an outworking of our mission, the following are a few core values and distinctives of Three Rivers Grace:

  • The Gospel: We value the good news of Jesus above all other messages our culture offers. The Gospel, both redeeming and renewing our lives, is not just a message for the non-Christian but is also the basis for the Christian's entire walk with God.

  • God-centeredness: We value growth in our love towards God. A God-centered life replaces self-worship with a sovereign God who cares for, oversees, and is the Lord over every detail of life.

  • Scripture: We value the Bible as the authoritative framework of truth upon which all teaching, service, and ministries are built.

  • Plurality in Leadership: We value the wisdom found in a group of counselors, thus we practice an elder-led model of church leadership.

  • Unity: We value unity, for the sake of the Gospel, with other like-minded and Gospel-preaching churches around the city and world. We also value the unity in diversity of individuals, from various backgrounds, united around the Gospel.

  • Family: We value the God-given roles for men, women, and children. We value "family" as a Biblical expression of church life and our relationship with God as His adopted children, our lives and ministry being driven by love for one another.

  • Accountability: We value the accountability of church membership, covenanting together as a community of believers for discipleship, instruction, and fellowship.

  • Community: We value service (in word and deed) to our community where we gather for worship each week as well as where we scatter to live throughout the week.

  • Gathering and Going: We value the importance of our weekly gathering to reorient ourselves to God and the Gospel. We also value the importance of going out from here to share the Gospel of God with those around us.

Our Statements of Faith

The Statement of Faith of this church comprises two forms: a shorter form, as a concise aid to teaching and understanding, and a longer form, as a detailed statement of the doctrines of the faith.

The shorter form of the Statement of Faith is a modified version of the Abstract of Principles. The Abstract of Principles was set forth in the original charter of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at its founding in 1858. Revisions have been made by Three Rivers Grace Church to Article XVII.

The longer form of the Statement of Faith is a modified version of the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689. Revisions have been made by Three Rivers Grace Church to Chapter 22 and Chapter 26.

Abstract of Principles of 1858 (revised)

Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 (revised)

Our Church Covenant

Three Rivers Grace Church Covenant

Our Church Constitution

Three Rivers Grace Church Constitution


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The Southern Baptist Convention
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